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ARKY Mens Hostel

Highlight the modern amenities and comfortable living spaces offered at the hostel. From well-designed dormitories to recreational areas, emphasize the features that contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable living experience.

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About Us

ARKY Mens Hostel

we are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive haven for women. Our commitment is to cultivate a vibrant community where residents thrive in a secure and empowering environment. With modern amenities, personalized care, and a focus on well-being, we redefine the hostel experience.

Join us and discover a welcoming space designed exclusively for the unique needs of women.

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Safe and Secure Living Environment

Ensure the safety and security of residents with our well-monitored and secure accommodation facilities, providing a worry-free living environment.

Community and Networking Opportunities

Foster a sense of community through organized events, workshops, and networking opportunities, creating an environment where residents can connect, learn, and grow together.

Comfortable Accommodations

Enjoy well-furnished and comfortable living spaces, including dormitories or private rooms, designed to provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Wellness and Fitness Programs

Prioritize the holistic well-being of residents with wellness programs, fitness facilities, and health-related initiatives to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Educational Support and Study Spaces

Provide resources and assistance to support residents in their educational pursuits, including study-friendly spaces and collaboration with nearby educational institutions.

Convenient Amenities

Enhance the overall living experience with convenient amenities such as laundry services, communal kitchens, and recreational areas, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable stay at ARKY Mens Hostel.


Size: 30 ft
Capacity: Max person 5
Bed: King Beds
Services: Wifi, Television, Bathroom,...
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Study Room

Size: 30 ft
Capacity: Max person
Table: 20
Services: Wifi, Television, Bathroom,...
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Dining Hall

Size: 100 ft
Capacity: Max persion 30
Tables: 10
Services: Wifi, Television, Bathroom,...
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Deluxe Room

Size: 60 ft
Capacity: Max persion 10
Bed: King Beds
Services: AC,Wifi, Television,Bathroom,..
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